COSCO Zhouzhan Shipyard
cosco-zhoushan-shipyard COSCO Zhouzhan Shipyard
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COSCO Guangdong Shipyard
cosco-guangdong-shipyard COSCO Guangdong Shipyard
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COSCO Dalian Shipyard
dalian-cosco-marine-eng COSCO Dalian Shipyard
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COSCO Shanghai Shipyard
cosco-shanghai-shipyard COSCO Shanghai Shipyard
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COSCO Nantong Shipyard
nantong-ocean-ship COSCO Nantong Shipyard
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Since the first shipbuilding corporation of COSCO was born in Nan Tong in 2001, we have accumulated abundant knowledge and experience and a pool of capable experts and engineers in the field of ship repair and conversion. We could undertake the entire spectrum of high quality conversion and repair work for a diverse range and capacity of vessels, from LPG tanker to VLCC, and our ability could meet the intricate requirements of our customers.

At present, COSCO Shipyard has 13 docks ranging from 300,000DWT to 50,000DWT, 10km good deep-water coastline, more than 600 big ships repairing and rebuilding capacity per year with high-end services. Main Projects show a list of various types of vessels that calls on us for repair and conversion.
A series of successfully completed projects further consolidated and expanded the COSCO Shipyard¡¯s ¡°Core Customers¡±, extensively famed its brand of ship repair, and helped it get out of the low-end market of ship repair to stride forward to the high-end market characterized by big amount of works, high added value and high technology.