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In-Situ Generator cleaning
The solution for oil and dirt contaminated Stators and Rotors
The build-up of oil and dirt on surfaces of the insulation will over time result in increased temperature, decreased efficiency and decreased insulation value. A complete and costly reconditioning onshore is the only means of restoration.

What will happen with a dirty generator?
·         You will experience reduced cooling of the stator winding, leading to temperature rise and then followed by possible blackout.
·         You can only use 40-50% of the capacity before temperature is rising with following blackout. This can be very critical if the vessel need all generators running for various cargo operations.
·         Oil and dirt will over time damage the varnish and insulation in a generator. Dirt entering the generator may pollute and thus reduce the electrical insulation.
Provisionally cleaning with solvent chemicals moves the oil and dirt out of sight, but does not remove it from the generator.

·         An optimal solution without using any fast evaporating solvents.
·         Requires no dismantling of rotor or extraction of any components.
·         Qualified service engineers will do the cleaning.
·         Insulation test of stator, rotor, exciter stator and exciter rotor are carried out in cooperation with the ships electrician or chief engineer.
·         The insulation test will be recorded on a special form where we state the insulation values before and after cleaning. This will be signed by the chief engineer and will follow the service report.

The procedure of In Situ Generator cleaning:
·         The insulation test must be carried out together with the ships electrician/chief engineer before we start the cleaning.
·         Oily and dirty areas will be saturated with water based degreaser soap which is harmless for the insulation and the varnish.
·         The soap will be washed off with filtered/clean hot water (70/80 degrees. We use a small high pressure cleaner with an open nozzle.
·         This procedure will be repeated, from all possible angels, many times until the generator is clean. The water will drain and, if necessary, the service engineer will use a suction pump to remove the water before the heating process commence.
·         The drying will take approximately 30 hours depending on the size of the generator and the airflow through the generator.
·         The air will be heated up to 95/100 degrees C, the fan will ensure good airflow of the warm air through the generator.
·         The final insulation reading must be constant and be taken at 30 degrees C.
·         The end result is a generator with extended life-time, reduced downtime and money saved

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