Asmar Magallanes


ASMAR Magallanes, the southernmost shipyard in the world, was established in 1896 when the Bonacic Brothers started the construction of the Naval Shipyard in Punta Arenas, which turned to be ASMAR 21 de Mayo Shipyard. In 1986, a society between the South African company Sandock Austral Ltd and ASMAR created SAEM Shipyard in Bahia Catalina. In 1999, both facilities were merged in the latest location to provide a comprehensive shipyard.

At present, ASMAR Magallanes facilities, approved by ISPS Code (International Ship & Port Facilities Security), include a marine railway for ships up to 3,570 tons, a 212m longitudinal transference line and a 135m parallel transference line with a total of 9 docking positions, a 300m pier and a wide range of workshops where all kind of ship repair works are offered.

Likewise, its quality management system is certified under the International Quality Standard ISO-9001:2008.

Asmar Magallanes
img Asmar Magallanes