Gemak Neta Fabrication Yard


Neta was founded in 2008 to support new building activities of Gemak Group of Companies by increasing the steel and pipe prefabrication capacities. It has 20.000 tons/year steel processing and 36.000 pipe spools production capacity annually with its extensive facilities. Some of the major equipment in Neta Fabrication Yard as follows:

-    Underwater Plasma Cutting Machine with cutting dimension (9x28m)

-  Dry plasma cutting machines with cutting dimensions (4x27m) and (4x13m)

-    Dry plasma & oxy-fuel cutting machine with cutting dimension (5,5x27m)

-    Hand Plasma Cutting Machine

-    Automatic shot blasting and shop primer facility with 4,7 m width

-    1500 Tones x 14m Roller Press

-    1000 Ton Universal Press (with moving head and plate)

-    400 Ton Universal Press

-    400 Ton Profile Bending Press

-    400 ton Box Press

-    100 ton Punch Press

-    U-rib Welding Machines (2 off)



Gemak Neta Fabrication Yard
img Gemak Neta Fabrication Yard