China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd. Lixin Shipyard (CIC Lixin Shipyard)


China Shipping Industry, founded in December 2008, is a subsidiary company of Cosco Shipping Heavy Industy. As the sole service window open for external business activities in CIC facing towards domestic and international business markets, the customers and clients from all areas and regions, the company would substitute and undertake the business administrative function for and on behalf of the affiliated shipyards of CIC (including CIC Changxing Shipyard and CIC Lixin Shipyard in Shanghai, and is to cover CIC Boluomiao Shipyard in first half of 2010), integrate the resources of the business manpower, facility and market distributing presently in the above mentioned shipyards, execute scale management and specialized operation, consequently implement the centralized management and administration of the three big ship-repairing bases of CIC.

Relying on the brand resources of CS and the management and technical support from CIC, our company would make good use of, bring into play of the nine docks (with a total capacity of 850,000DWT), 7290-meter-length repair berth, sound accessory facilities and equipments in the shipyards of CIC respectively located in Shanghai of Yangtze River Delta and Guangzhou of Pearl River Delta, to provide the best service to all our esteemed old and new customers and clients.

CIC-Shipyards is mainly engaged in the annual survey, special survey, fabrication and conversion projects of the general, special purpose and high-performance commercial ships, as well as the repair and conversion of offshore platforms and other relevant engineering projects.

Floating Docks

CS Pudong 222.5 x 38m (Lift 22,000t)
CS Huangshan 190 x 28.4m (Lift 13,000t)
CS Huashan 164 x 27.4m (Lift 9,000t)



1 Floating Crane x 60t
14 x Tower Cranes Ranging 15t - 60t



10,000m2 Steel structure fabrication Machinery shop with lathe for 16m shafts and crankshaft grinder


General Location

Centre of Shanghai on Huangpu River. Easy access to Pudong International Airport by taxi or maglev train. Many reasonably priced 5* hotels available.

China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd. Lixin Shipyard (CIC Lixin Shipyard)
img China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd. Lixin Shipyard (CIC Lixin Shipyard)