TrustPer Coatscale Remover, CSR I & CSR II

CSR I is a soya based environmentally friendly product manufactured by Wilhelmsen Chemicals at Nøtterøy. It is produced exclusively for TrustPer A.S. in Norway and provides and economical solution for ballast treatment without loss of hire. 

Coatscale Remover is a blend of vegetable oils, driers, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors. Its primary use is as a rust remover and temporary corrosion inhibitor in seawater ballast tanks, prior to application of permanent protective coatings.Coatscale Remover penetrates the porous rust and seeks to the fresh steel surface underneath, where it spreads out making a thin oily film that loosens the rust. Upon drying, the film expands and "push-off" the rust in flakes. Coatscale Remover then dries to a soft, non sticky coating, which gives a temporary corrosion protection of the sound metal against seawater and humidity.

Coatscale Remover is safe both to the environment and to personnell handling it. It does not contatin any hydrocarbon solvents or oils, and all ingredients are completely biodegrade and environmentally friendly.

Prior to further treatment of the tank surfaces, Coatscale Remover may be removed by using a 20% solution of "Unitor Aquatuff High Foam" and high pressure quipment. Then flush with fresh, clean water and leave the surface to dry. 

Coatscale Remover may also be used for other purposes, i.e. as a semi hard coat for protection of steel and metal surfaces against atmospheric corrosion.



BEFORE                                                              AFTER



Coatscale Remover II is a blend of linseed oils, driers, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors. Its primary function is rust and scale remover. It penetrates the substrate, extracts during curing and separates the scale layers.

Its secondary function is temporary corrosion inhibitor, providing protection between 24 to 30 months or longer depending on application area prior to touch up requirement. Primary used for ballast tanks.


CSR                                                                                          CSR


Safe to the environment and fully biodegradable.

User friendly and easy to apply, such as by vessels crew with common shipboard spray paint equipment, thus reducing off-hire time. 

CSR II dries twice as quick seen in comparison to CSR, tanks can be ballasted within the same day or next from the time of application.

CSR II is clean and safe to inspect once dry (surface curing).

Semi-hard, anti-slip, bright/shiny appearance, odourless and thus accepted by Class surveyors.

Extended lifetime of vessel creating semi hard film, which is containing corrosion inhibitor. Protects for more than 2,5 years, touch up recommended.

Hot work is allowed direct to applied and cured surfaces (to be re-checked)

Protects and prolongs the life expectancy of existing hard coating systems.

Reduces the lightship weight by removal of rusty substrates, thus saves fuel and increases cargo carrying capacity.

Cost efficient in use, cheaper than mechanical treatment, grit or UHP blasting.

Removable prior to the preparation for a hard paint system application.

Once the treated surface has reached ISO 8501-1 C/D Sa 2 or better and coated with an approved hard paint system, it will be accepted by the Class for a 5-year period approval.

Reliable quality of manufacture guaranteed by Unitor Chemicals.