Zhejiang Energy (scrubbers)


Zhejiang Energy (ZE) is the biggest energy enterprise in China, with 23.000 employees and AAA rating. Historically ZE has mainly been engaged in electric power generation, environmental protection, shipping services and finance. Following experience gained since 2011 from marine pilot project, ZE has entered the marine sector.

ZE has the world’s leading desulfurization technology with up to 99,2 % efficiency and low energy consumption. The cost is 15–20 % below other international main brands and delivery-time is approx. 8 months. On the back of AAA rating ZE can offer an attractive financing solution. The company has been awarded the highest prize in environmental protection in China and is involved in the national desulfurization standard settings in China. ZE deliver open and closed loop scrubbers as well as hybrid scrubbers. ZE have an established service-network with presence in USWC, USEC, Panama, Germany, Holland, Greece, UAE, Singapore, Australia and China

Zhejiang Energy - Scrubbers


Zhejiang Energy (scrubbers)
img Zhejiang Energy (scrubbers)