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Exhibiting excellent corrosion resistant properties GRE pipe systems will last the lifetime of the ship. Meeting Classification Societies rules and IMO regulations GRE systems are designed specifically for use onboard ships.

In comparison to galvanised and rubber lined steel and CuNiFe, the installation cost of GRE systems are lower as a result of GRE´s lightweight nature and ease of handling. Installation and prefabrication training can be provided by FPI either at their facilities or at the customers site.


To avoid build-up of static electricity, FPI´s Fibermar and Wavistrong systems are available in a conductive version in addition to the standard range. Both systems are available from 25mm up to 1600mm.

By spooling pipes and fittings, installation time onboard can be significant reduced with the bonus that installation costs also are reduced. Typically 70% of the spools for a job are prefabricated in controlled conditions either in FPI facilities, in shipyards or at the workshops of FPI´s preferred contractors. Normally a spool will be tested before leaving the workshop to ensure the quality of the product. Additionally, prefabrication reduces the number of bonded joints and hence reducing the use of chemical onboard.

FIBERMAR is a Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe system which has be specially developed by Future Pipe Industries for use onboard ships.

Continued replacement and dry dock expenses mean that traditional steel pipe systems can end up costing more than three times the initial investment. Fibermar is guaranteed to last the lifetime of a ship and has been designed in accordance with IMO Resolution 753 (18) - the guideline for the application of plastic pipes on ships.

Fibermar is available in diameters of up to 1,600mm, pressure up to 16 Barg and external collapse pressures up to 50 meters water column. It can be purchased in either the standard or electrical conductive series which eliminates the danger of static electricity build-up associated with the transportation of products like petrol and kerosene, and is ideal for conductive applications such as cargo tanks, pump rooms and other hazardous areas.

WAVISTRONG have for more than 30 years sucessfully been installed world wide under the most corrosive and demanding conditions. Today there are 1000 miles of Wavistrong pipe in continous use in refineries, LNG plants, petrochecmical plants, power plants, oil fields and offshore platforms. It is considered world-leading technology in accordance with international standards, including the UK Offshore Operators Association, ISO 14692 and Shell DEP


GRE can be applied to a wide range of systems like:

  • Ballast (water treatment)
  • Seawater cooling
  • Gland & Flushing (dredgers)
  • Firefighting
  • Black & Grey water
  • Condensate lines
  • Inert gas effluent
  • Sounding & ventilation lines
  • Tank cleaning
  • Potable water
  • Crude oil washing
  • Scrubber units


Long service life due to its non corrosive characteristics

Lower installation costs due to its light weight (25% of steel)

Lower operational costs due to no maintenance being required

Easily repairable

Conductive variant available if required

Support arrangements are the same as steel equivalents


Sample spools are pressure tested in FPI´s workshop to 1.5 x design pressure. A charge will be made for spools which require modification to be tested. Certificates of testing are available on request. Commissioning testing is usually undertaken at 1.5 x working pressure. Further details of testing are available on request.


 Despite the fact that steel pipes will corrode, steel has been used in marine applications for many years. During a ship´s lifetime, corroded steel pipes need to be replaced several times, particularly if the steel has been used in a sea water system. This is both costly and undesirable.

 Although GRE material cost is higher than steel material, the total installation cost of GRE is similar to steel piping. Moreover, mounitng GRE will contribute to lower cost through life cost.

Marine Network & Contacts

FPI has a marine representative network covering 22 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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