Polyflake Europe and Ulrik Qvale & Partners AS has entered into an agency agreement for marketing in Norway. Polyflake has from 1987 specialized in simple and innovative solutions for long term steel protection. As part of the growth, the PolyFlake group has also added expansive workshops to support the clients with the best revision and repair service for machinery like pumps, hoppers, deck equipment, shafts, etc.

In 2020, the Rotterdam area workshop was elevated to the commercial and operational Head quarter for the Global market with the aim of servicing Shipowners and Ship managers as well as the Petrochemical Industry.  Currently there is about 40 staff spread over Rotterdam and Miami. A further 12 to 15 men will be joining in the Shanghai branch by the end of 2021.


The products:


PolyFlake -  is a proven and very strong product for long-term protection of steel and any other material that can see corrosion / erosion by seawater or any other substances.

Polyflake gives any surface protection from chemical, acid or seawater corrosion hereunder OVBD pipes and diffusers of gas scrubber systems.

PolyFlake offers a simple repair process and fast curing and is ideal for hull coat, deck coat, ER, funnel, deck equipment, cargo-tanks, ballast-tanks, void spaces etc.

PolyFlake is high temperature resistant up to +300 degree Celsius


Se kildebildetPolyTube - is a chemical and acid resistant pipe-lining system with a lifetime (25 years) corrosion protection on any type of pipeline.

PolyTube gives protection from chemical, acid, corrosion of scrubber feedlines, scrubber exit lines, and can be installed in situ – without dismantling or hot works – 1 access point at the beginning and 1 at the end.

Ideal for BWTS pipe line, cargo lines, fire lines, potable water lines, fuel lines, etc. with diameter of 3 inch (75mm) up to 24 inch (600mm) or more and up to 100m in one operation – up to 1200m per day per team.

High temperature resistant +300 degree Celsius.

PolyTube is adding 4-5mm wall thickness to the pipe and installation can be done during vessel operations or docking period, clean and worry-free, and is easily repairable.


PolyGlide is a Revolutionary coating, giving a 100% corrosion protection-coat as well as an environment-friendly antifouling, lasting for the lifetime of the vessel.

PolyGlide is applied with a PolyFlake Base coat of 350 micron DFT and a PolyGlide Top coat of 350 to 450 micron DFT.

It is potentially compatible with existing basecoat and is ideal for all areas of the hull - rudder, icebelt, bowthruster-tunnels, seachests, moonpool, etc.

Fouling will not be able to attach to the hull in-between the docking-intervals and should only be washed down during the drydocking.

PolyGlide has approx. 400% more adhesion compared to any other coatings on the market, it is ideal for any vessel, new building or existing vessels (existing coating).

As a result of minimal or even ZERO Marine growth, fuel savings are the consequential.

Other Spareparts
  • Boilerman


    Boilerman offers repairs and services of marine boilers, heat exchangers, IGG and incinerators in Asia.  

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  • Future Pipe Industries


    Future Pipe, a global leader in anti corrosive fiberglass pipe system design, manufacturer and supplier of GRE to the marine sector.

    Supplies glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy Pipe Systems (GRE) onboard ships. 

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  • KEMEL, Kobelco Eagle Marine Europe, Co. Ltd


    Manufacturer of stern tube seals and liners, net-protectors and zinc-anodes.

    Stocks in Japan, Singapore, Newcastle UK

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  • KET Marine


    KET Marine International stock approximate 20,000 different high quality Spareparts. 

    The range consists of an extensive OEM and genuine quality spares suitable for GEA Westfalia and Alfa Laval separators.

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  • MPCC


    MPCC - Pump and Compressor Spares

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  • Trustper


    Coat Scale Remover, CSR + CSR II

    CSR is a rust & scale removing agent and corrosion inhibitor, developed specifically for the treatment and protection of BALLAST TANKS, including the life extension of epoxy coated tanks where coating breakdown is beginning to occur.

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  • Turbo Service International


    Worldwide turbocharger supplier of spareparts and service suitable for MAN, MET, Abb and PBS turbochargers:

    Head office is in Southampton, UK.

    Authorized service stations and workshops for the MHI turbocharges. Service facilities in Rotterdam, Houston, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai.

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